A Survivor’s Secrets

Book Preview

A True Story of Freedom from the Dark World of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking survivor and advocate Gina Cavallo tells the story of how she was forced into the dark world of human trafficking and sold against her will. For decades Gina held onto the secrets, until she finally experienced true freedom when she faced the long-buried truth. Now Gina is a spokesperson for ending the horrors of human trafficking. Her story has already helped thousands of others. This book will open your eyes and inspire you too, you won’t want to put it down. An emotional read at times that takes you on a journey of hope and healing brought about by a powerful and loving God.



Human trafficking is the scourge of our time. Often we feel helpless to do much about it. Rarely do we meet someone who has been trafficked. Meet Gina Cavallo. Through her powerful story, A Survivor’s Secrets, you will be captivated by how she became a victim, how she got out of the system, and how she has journeyed from trauma to freedom. I couldn’t put it down!

Ruth Graham, author and daughter of Billy Graham


Gina Cavallo is a rising leader on the issue of human trafficking, and she has emerged as a national voice by courageously sharing her lived experiences. In A Survivor’s Secret, Gina opens her heart and delivers a powerful narrative of resiliency and determination. Her story will leave the reader inspired and empowered to prevent human trafficking and support individuals who have endured and overcome….

Dr. Daniel Papa

President of the Board of Trustees for the New Jersey Coalition Against Human Trafficking


Gina is a courageous trafficking survivor – an expert who speaks with strength, experience, and authority about the human costs of this heinous crime. She offers hope to other victims as she draws on her faith and speaks of healing that only God can provide. Her book [is] a must-read for anyone who wants to help trafficking victims hiding in plain site.

Congressman Chris Smith (NJ)


A Survivor’s Secrets is a beacon of hope, reminding us that even in the face of unimaginable adversity, the human spirit can prevail.

Alfred F. Abramson III
Brigadier General (retired)
United States Army


By the time I was a young adult, I was practically buried under invisible chains and each link of my chains had a story to tell.” As I retraced my steps this will help the reader understand children who are misunderstood, abused, neglected and disconnected and who also struggle with disabilities that are hidden. My story is most often not told, of the all-too- common dysfunctional home, and the children who survive them. Shining a light on how secrets and lies groom children, making us vulnerable to the advances of predators she gives caring adults a roadmap to recognize children like herself. Finding my way to healing and wholeness wasn’t an easy journey, and i gives the credit to the grace of God, but the reader is well aware that all along the way, I said yes to turning my life around and becoming who I am today.

Pastor Jo Lembo

Director of Faith Initiatives | Shared Hope International


This book is a page-turner. If you or someone you love has been ravaged by abuse, addiction, shame, crippling fear, or toxic secrets, Gina Cavallo’s captivating, courageous, and compelling account of her journey is the resource you need. This poignant account of forgiveness, healing, and hope will bring restoration and encouragement to every reader.

Carol Kent

Founder & Executive Director of Speak Up Ministries
Speaker & Author, When I Lay My Isaac Down (NavPress)


Gina Cavallo is a force to be reckoned with. As you read A Survivor’s Secrets and discover what she has overcome to find her identity, her worth, her voice, her purpose, and her empowerment you will understand how she has come to be the agent of change in the world she is today. I am confident this book will inspire anyone who has the courage to read it to see their own story through new eyes, and do what’s necessary to become who they were meant to be….

Phillip Bracco, LMFT
Pastor of Care: Emergence Church, New Jersey
Director: Emergence Counseling Center: Cofounder: Restore Counseling


I lived most of my life within 5 minutes of where Gina grew up and lived, and would have NEVER imagined that what happened to her could happen in “my world.” We can’t be unaware any longer! A Survivor’s Secrets is a beautiful picture of how important it is to realize who we truly are. A must read for everyone! This is a story that was necessary to tell, and there are pages upon pages of lessons we all need to learn. 

Robert F. Davis, II
CEO – Christian Solidarity International – USA
CEO – Odyssey Marketing and Advertising, LLC